Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Reality

You keep on sticking to what you like

That's why you never notice

Those who like YOU...

Sometimes you are dying for someone

who doesn't care,

while somebody is already dead trying to PLEASE YOU...


Monday, November 24, 2008

Ne-yo, Mis Independent

Miss Independent - Ne-yo Music Code


It’s something about
Just something about
The way she moved
I cant figure it out
There’s something
About her
(About her)

Say ooh
There’s something
About kinda women
That want you
But dont need you
Hey I can’t figure it out
There’s something
About her
Cuz she walk like a boss
Talk like a boss
Manicured nails
Just sent
The pedicure off
She’s fly effortlessly
Cuz she move like a boss
Do what a boss
Do, she got me thinking
About getting involved
That’s the kinda girl
I need

She got her own thing
That’s why i love her
Miss independent
Wont you come
And spend a little time
She got her own thing
That’s why i love her
Miss independent
Ooh the way you shine
Miss independent

Hey, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeahhh, mmm
There’s something
About kinda woman
That can do
It for herself
I look at her
And it makes me proud
There’s something
About her
There something
So sexy
About the kinda women
That don’t even
Need my help
She says she got it
She got it
No doubt
There’s something
About her
Cuz she work
Like the boss
Play like the boss
Car and a crib
She about
To pay em both off
And her bills
Are paid on time
She made for a boss
Soley a boss
Anything less
She’s telling em
To get lost
That’s the girl
That on my mind

She got her own thing
That’s why i love her
Miss independent
Won’t you come
And spend
A little time
She got her own thing
That’s why i love her
Miss independent
The way you shine
Miss independent

Yeah, yeahhh

Her favourite thing
Is to say
Don’t worry i got it
And everything she got
Best believe
She bought it
She gon steal my heart
Ain’t no doubt about it
Your everything i need
Said your everything
I need

She got her own thing
That’s why i love her
Miss independent
Wont you come
And spend a little time
She got her own thing
That’s why i love her
Miss independent
Ooh the way you shine
Miss independent
That’s why i love her

Friday, October 31, 2008

Workplace: Don't show up your tattoos

Tattoos are forbidden if you want to retain your Job. I just read it on yahoo news.

" Cities and school districts across the country are forcing their employees to cover up tattoos if they want to keep their jobs.

The edicts have been issued to maintain a good image, say the communities, and they have been applied to teachers, janitors, firefighters and others.

"We didn't want to offend some people in the community," says Capt. Armando Hogan, spokesman for the Los Angeles City Fire Department, where employees were ordered last spring to cover all tattoos while on duty. "I have been on drills and on scene where someone has said, 'I wouldn't want that person working on me,' and we've had to educate the individual who made the comment." "

So, beware guys those who have showy tattoos.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

bandage heart

It's so hard if your heart looks like this. Yet, don't be stupid, be positive in dealing such things. Sooner and later you'll learn to move on and your heart will be healed! It's part of life. learn from your mistakes.

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